[ spraw-lee ]

adjective,sprawl·i·er, sprawl·i·est.
  1. tending to sprawl; straggly: The colt's legs were long and sprawly.

Origin of sprawly

First recorded in 1790–1800; sprawl + -y1

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How to use sprawly in a sentence

  • They were all in the same sprawly handwriting of a woman—a woman who simply signed herself "Mittie."

    The Sign of Silence | William Le Queux
  • It is in a small, cramped hand, and you know the one purporting to be from him later was in a big, sprawly hand.

    The Come Back | Carolyn Wells
  • A bee flew in at the door, lighted on the lace curtain and clung there, making sprawly motions with his thread-like legs.

    The Secret of the Storm Country | Grace Miller White
  • Ordinary sort of writing, rather unformed and sprawly, but after a trial run Micky managed a very presentable copy of it.

    The Phantom Lover | Ruby M. Ayres
  • The ants led him to a tiny hole with a finely pulverized rim just at the edge of a sprawly cactus.

    Cow-Country | B. M. Bower