squadron leader

  1. an officer holding commissioned rank, between flight lieutenant and wing commander in the air forces of Britain and certain other countries

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How to use squadron leader in a sentence

  • The German squadron-leader saw the machine bank over and saw, too, something that was fluttering down slowly to the earth.

    Tam O' The Scoots | Edgar Wallace
  • We had a nice concrete runway at this base but Captain McCall only flew a couple of missions as our squadron leader.

  • And that was all squadron leader Freehill said for the moment.

  • Dave and Freddy looked blankly at each other for a brief moment, then returned their gaze to the squadron leader.

    Dave Dawson with the R.A.F | R. Sidney Bowen
  • "I can't say," squadron leader Trenton murmured, and stared at them with a troubled look in his eyes.

    Dave Dawson with the R.A.F | R. Sidney Bowen