[ skwee-jee, skwee-jee ]
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  1. an implement edged with rubber or the like, for removing water from windows after washing, sweeping water from wet decks, etc.

  2. a similar and smaller device, as for removing excess water from photographic negatives or prints or for forcing paint, ink, etc., through a porous surface, as in serigraphy.

verb (used with object),squee·geed, squee·gee·ing.
  1. to sweep, scrape, or press with or as if with a squeegee.

  2. to force (paint, ink, etc.) through a screen in making a silk-screen print.

Origin of squeegee

First recorded in 1835–45; originally a nautical term; of obscure origin

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less commonly squilgee

/ (ˈskwiːdʒiː) /

  1. an implement with a rubber blade used for wiping away surplus water from a surface, such as a windowpane

  2. any of various similar devices used in photography for pressing the water out of wet prints or negatives or for squeezing prints onto a glazing surface

verb-gees, -geeing or -geed
  1. to remove (water or other liquid) from (something) by use of a squeegee

  2. (tr) to press down (a photographic print, etc) with a squeegee

Origin of squeegee

C19: probably of imitative origin, influenced by squeeze

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