stimulated emission

[ stĭm′yə-lātĭd ]

  1. The emission of electromagnetic radiation in the form of photons of a given frequency, triggered by photons of the same frequency. For example, an excited atom, with an electron in an energy orbit higher than normal, releases a photon of a specific frequency when the electron drops back to a lower energy orbit; if this photon strikes another electron in the same high-energy orbit in another atom, another photon of the same frequency is released. The emitted photons and the triggering photons are always in phase, have the same polarization, and travel in the same direction. Also called induced emission See also population inversion.

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How to use stimulated emission in a sentence

  • "It means 'light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation'," Davenport explained.

    The Foreign Hand Tie | Gordon Randall Garrett