[ sturps ]
/ stɜrps /

noun, plural stir·pes [stur-peez] /ˈstɜr piz/.

a stock; family or branch of a family; line of descent.
Law. a person from whom a family is descended.
Biology Now Rare. a family, superfamily, or permanent variety.

Origin of stirps

1675–85; < Latin: rootstock, trunk

Definition for stirpes (2 of 2)

per stirpes
[ pur stur-peez, per ]
/ pɜr ˈstɜr piz, pər /

adjective, adverb Law.

pertaining to or noting a method of dividing an estate in which the descendants of a deceased person share as a group in the portion of the estate to which the deceased would have been entitled.

Origin of per stirpes

First recorded in 1675–85, per stirpes is from the Latin word per stirpēs literally, by stocks Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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British Dictionary definitions for stirpes

/ (stɜːps) /

noun plural stirpes (ˈstɜːpiːz)

genealogy a line of descendants from an ancestor; stock or strain
botany a race or variety, esp one in which the characters are maintained by cultivation

Word Origin for stirps

C17: from Latin: root, family origin
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