unreasonably obstinate; obstinately unmoving: a stubborn child.
fixed or set in purpose or opinion; resolute: a stubborn opponent of foreign aid.
obstinately maintained, as a course of action: a stubborn resistance.
difficult to manage or suppress: a stubborn horse; a stubborn pain.
hard, tough, or stiff, as stone or wood; difficult to shape or work.

Origin of stubborn

1350–1400; Middle English stiborn(e), styborne, stuborn < ?
Related formsstub·born·ly, adverbstub·born·ness, nounpre·stub·born, adjectiveun·stub·born, adjectiveun·stub·born·ly, adverbun·stub·born·ness, noun

Synonyms for stubborn

1. contrary, intractable, refractory, unyielding, headstrong, obdurate. 2. persevering. Stubborn, dogged, obstinate, persistent imply fixity of purpose or condition and resistance to change. Stubborn and obstinate both imply resistance to advice, entreaty, remonstrance, or force; but stubborn implies more of innate quality and is the more frequently used when referring to inanimate things: stubborn disposition; stubborn difficulties. Dogged implies pertinacity and grimness in doing something, especially in the face of discouragements: dogged determination. Persistent implies having staying or lasting qualities, resoluteness, and perseverance: persistent questioning.

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Historical Examples of stubbornly

  • And yet Pierre struggled, stubbornly clutching at his dream once more.

  • Their whole beings tended to this, stubbornly, without a pause.

  • Captain Dan, to whom these statements were made, was stubbornly indignant.

    Cap'n Dan's Daughter

    Joseph C. Lincoln

  • "Nevertheless, I think I shall keep on with the experiment," Thayer said stubbornly.

    The Dominant Strain

    Anna Chapin Ray

  • She perceived at length that he was stubbornly bent on this outrageous thing.


    Louis Joseph Vance

British Dictionary definitions for stubbornly



refusing to comply, agree, or give in; obstinate
difficult to handle, treat, or overcome
persistent and doggeda stubborn crusade
Derived Formsstubbornly, adverbstubbornness, noun

Word Origin for stubborn

C14 stoborne, of obscure origin
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Word Origin and History for stubbornly



late 14c., of uncertain origin. Earliest form is stiborn. OED, Liberman doubt any connection with stub (n.). Related: Stubbornly; stubbornness.

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