subtropical high

[ suhb-trop-i-kuhl hahy ]
/ sʌbˈtrɒp ɪ kəl ˈhaɪ /
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noun Meteorology.

a system of high atmospheric pressure, as the Azores high and the North Pacific high, that prevails over an ocean at latitudes of about 30° N and S.



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Also called sub·trop·i·cal an·ti·cy·clone [suhb-trop-i-kuhl an-tee-sahy-klohn, an-tahy-] /sʌbˈtrɒp ɪ kəl ˌæn tiˈsaɪ kloʊn, ˌæn taɪ-/ .

Origin of subtropical high

First recorded in 1935–40
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