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adjective, tar·di·er, tar·di·est.
  1. late; behind time; not on time: How tardy were you today?
  2. moving or acting slowly; slow; sluggish.
  3. delaying through reluctance.

Origin of tardy

1475–85; earlier tardive, tardif < Old French < Vulgar Latin *tardīvus, equivalent to Latin tard(us) slow + -īvus -ive
Related formstar·di·ly, adverbtar·di·ness, noun

Synonyms for tardy

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1. slack. 3. dilatory.

Antonyms for tardy

1. prompt.
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Historical Examples of tardily

  • Tardily, indeed, he appears to have acknowledged the contradiction.


    R. W. Church

  • Tardily enough he now succumbed to the silent entreaties of his wife.


    Sax Rohmer

  • Tardily and unwillingly the Jew untied the handkerchief, and revealed a diamond diadem of extraordinary magnificence.

  • Tardily the men advanced, and any acute observer would have seen they had little heart in the business.

    War and the Weird

    Forbes Phillips

  • Tardily she made approach, blushing with increasing loveliness, and appeared in the presence of the princes.

    Indian Myth and Legend

    Donald Alexander Mackenzie

British Dictionary definitions for tardily


adjective -dier or -diest
  1. occurring later than expectedtardy retribution
  2. slow in progress, growth, etca tardy reader
Derived Formstardily, adverbtardiness, noun

Word Origin for tardy

C15: from Old French tardif, from Latin tardus slow
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Word Origin and History for tardily



late 14c. (implied in tardity), from Old French tardif (12c.), from Vulgar Latin *tardivus, from Latin tardus "slow, sluggish, dull, stupid," of unknown origin. Related: Tardily; tardiness.

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