tea leaf

  1. the dried leaf of the tea shrub, used to make tea

  2. (usually plural) shredded parts of these leaves, esp after infusion

  1. British and Australian slang a thief

Origin of tea leaf

sense 3 rhyming slang

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How to use tea leaf in a sentence

  • Real tea-leaf tea alone contains the restorative they want; which is not to be found in sloe-leaf tea.

    Notes on Nursing | Florence Nightingale
  • Ah, she said one day, pointing to a tea leaf floating in one of the cups, theres to be a visitor today.

    Anecdotes of the Great War | Carleton Britton Case
  • In the proposed United States tea-adulteration law a maximum of 8% of total ash is allowed for tea-leaf.

    Legal Chemistry | A. Naquet
  • The leaves are large and do not bear the slightest resemblance to the tea-leaf.