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  1. pertaining to a thaumaturge or to thaumaturgy.
  2. having the powers of a thaumaturge.
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Often thau·ma·tur·gi·cal.

Origin of thaumaturgic

1560–70; < New Latin thaumatūrgicus, equivalent to thaumatūrg(us) wonder worker (< Greek thaumatourgós, equivalent to thaumat- thaumato- + -ourgos; see -urgy, -ous) + -icus -ic
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Historical Examples

  • These thaumaturgical practices were usually undertaken by three medicine-men acting in concert.

    The Myths of the North American Indians

    Lewis Spence

  • They referred its invention to the gods, and imputed to it thaumaturgical properties.

  • He finds disciples and soon gains a reputation as a thaumaturgical saint.