noun, plural the·cae [thee-see] /ˈθi si/.

a case or receptacle.
Botany, Mycology.
  1. a sac, cell, or capsule.
  2. a sporangium.
Anatomy, Zoology. a case or sheath enclosing an organ, structure, etc., as the horny covering of an insect pupa or the loose membrane covering the spinal cord.

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Origin of theca

1655–65; < Latin thēca, from Greek thḗkē “case, cover,” akin to tithénai “to place, put”

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noun plural -cae (-siː)

botany an enclosing organ, cell, or spore case, esp the capsule of a moss
zoology a hard outer covering, such as the cup-shaped container of a coral polyp
Derived Formsthecal or thecate, adjective

Word Origin for theca

C17: from Latin thēca, from Greek thēkē case; related to Greek tithenai to place

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n. pl. the•cae (-sē′, -kē′)

A case, covering, or sheath, such as the outer covering of the cocoon of certain insects.

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Plural thecae (thēsē′, -kē′)

A case, covering, or sheath, such as the pollen sac of an anther, the spore case of a moss, or the outer covering of the pupa of certain insects.
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