[thur-oh, thuhr-oh]

a mensa et thoro

[ey men-suh et thawr-oh, thohr-oh]
adjective Law.
  1. pertaining to or noting a divorce that forbids spouses to live together but does not dissolve the marriage bond.

Origin of a mensa et thoro

1590–1600; < Latin: literally, from board and bed. See mensal2, torus Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

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Historical Examples of thoro

  • Great care should be taken that this advancement be easy, natural, and thoro.

    Lectures on Language

    William S. Balch

  • The most thoro scholars have found this task no easy affair.

    Lectures on Language

    William S. Balch

  • So Cronos took an iron sickle and mutilated Ouranos in such a way, enfin, as to divorce him a thoro.

    Modern Mythology

    Andrew Lang

  • In the last paragraph of the article referred to we find a hint of a lack of thoro conviction on the part of the writer himself.

British Dictionary definitions for thoro

a mensa et thoro

  1. law denoting or relating to a form of divorce in which the parties remain married but do not cohabit: abolished in England in 1857

Word Origin for a mensa et thoro

Latin: from table and bed
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Word Origin and History for thoro

contraction of thorough.

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