ticker tape

  1. the ribbon of paper on which a ticker prints quotations or news.

Origin of ticker tape

An Americanism dating back to 1900–05

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How to use ticker tape in a sentence

  • If I brought down the Mob,” the Rev. Al Sharpton demanded on Monday, “I want my ticker tape parade.

  • Also, arrangements could be made with some reliable brokerage house to have him supplied with the ticker tape each day.

    Seeing Things at Night | Heywood Broun
  • He is one of those born newspaper men who could not live out of sight of the ticker-tape, and the copy-hook and the proof-sheet.

  • Maxwell turned half around, with his hands full of papers and ticker tape.

    The Four Million | O. Henry
  • It rained ticker tape for hours, and people in offices tore up telephone books and added the bits of paper to the rainstorm.

    Famous Flyers | David Goodger (goodger@python.org)
  • There were plenty of whistles blowing, plenty of ticker tape, and parades for the returning hero.

    Famous Flyers | David Goodger (goodger@python.org)

British Dictionary definitions for ticker tape

ticker tape

  1. stock exchange a continuous paper ribbon on which a tape machine automatically prints current stock quotations

  2. ticker-tape reception or ticker-tape parade (mainly in New York) the showering of the motorcade of a distinguished politician, visiting head of state, etc, with ticker tape as a sign of welcome

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