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noun, verb (used without object), tic·tacked, tic·tack·ing.
  1. ticktack.
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or tic·tac

  1. a repetitive sound, as of ticking, tapping, knocking, or clicking: the ticktack of high heels in the corridor.
  2. a device for making a tapping sound, as against a window or door in playing a practical joke.
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verb (used without object)
  1. to make a repeated ticking or tapping sound: Sleet ticktacked against the window panes.
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Origin of ticktack

1540–50; imitative See tick1
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Historical Examples

  • He arrives, at length, at the door of the side room where the devotees of cards are busy at tictac.

    The Youth of Jefferson

    J. E. Cooke.

British Dictionary definitions for tictac


  1. British a system of sign language, mainly using the hands, by which bookmakers transmit their odds to each other at racecourses
  2. US a ticking sound, as made by a clock
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Word Origin

from tick 1
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