[tich-uh-ler, tit-yuh-]
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  1. existing or being such in title only; nominal; having the title but none of the associated duties, powers, etc.: the titular head of the company.
  2. from whom or which a title or name is taken: His titular Saint is Michael.
  3. of, relating to, or of the nature of a title.
  4. having a title, especially of rank.
  5. designating any of the Roman Catholic churches in Rome whose nominal incumbents are cardinals.
  1. a person who bears a title.
  2. a person from whom or thing from which a title or name is taken.
  3. Ecclesiastical. a person entitled to a benefice but not required to perform its duties.

Origin of titular

1585–95; < Latin titul(us) title + -ar1
Related formstit·u·lar·i·ty [tich-uh-lar-i-tee, tit-yuh-] /ˌtɪtʃ əˈlær ɪ ti, ˌtɪt yə-/, nountit·u·lar·ly, adverbmul·ti·tit·u·lar, adjectivenon·tit·u·lar, adjectivenon·tit·u·lar·ly, adverbun·tit·u·lar, adjectiveun·tit·u·lar·ly, adverb
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nominal, so-called, supposed

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titulary (ˈtɪtjʊlərɪ)

  1. of, relating to, or of the nature of a title
  2. in name only
  3. bearing a title
  4. giving a title
  5. RC Church designating any of certain churches in Rome to whom cardinals or bishops are attached as their nominal incumbents
noun plural -lars or -laries
  1. the bearer of a title
  2. the bearer of a nominal office
Derived Formstitularly, adverb

Word Origin for titular

C18: from French titulaire, from Latin titulus title
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Word Origin and History for titular

1590s, perhaps by influence of Middle French titulaire, from Latin titulus (see title).

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