[ toh-guh ]
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noun,plural to·gas, to·gae [toh-jee, -gee]. /ˈtoʊ dʒi, -gi/.
  1. (in ancient Rome) the loose outer garment worn by citizens in public.

  2. a robe of office, a professorial gown, or some other distinctive garment.

Origin of toga

1590–1600; <Latin; akin to tegmen

Other words from toga

  • to·gaed [toh-guhd], /ˈtoʊ gəd/, adjective
  • un·to·gaed, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

How to use toga in a sentence

  • The Daily Pic: In 1487, ancient heroes seemed more suited to shining armor than to togas.

    Jason and the Argoknights | Blake Gopnik | August 27, 2013 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • The Daily Pic: Piero della Francesca Crosses Togas and Turbans.

  • People were walking about in purple and gold togas; on the house-tops were pigeons whose throats shone like iridescent beads.

    Kari the Elephant | Dhan Gopal Mukerji
  • Probably the stripes worn by the knights and senators on the tunics and togas were much nearer our crimson than purple.

    The Private Life of the Romans | Harold Whetstone Johnston
  • It is all around us in homespun, and yet we run back to search for it under togas or coats of mail.

    The Incendiary | W. A. (William Augustine) Leahy
  • You cannot picture men in togas and sandals on those steps to-day.

    Winged Wheels in France | Michael Myers Shoemaker
  • Then, by the several togas of Samson, Bebe Celeste, how dare you come before me two ounces shy?

British Dictionary definitions for toga


/ (ˈtəʊɡə) /

  1. a garment worn by citizens of ancient Rome, consisting of a piece of cloth draped around the body

  2. the official vestment of certain offices

Origin of toga

C16: from Latin, related to tegere to cover

Derived forms of toga

  • togaed (ˈtəʊɡəd), adjective

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Cultural definitions for toga


An outer garment for men in ancient Rome, worn as a sign of citizenship. The toga was a nearly semicircular piece of wool, worn draped about the shoulders and body.

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