[ tram-wey ]

  1. a crude railroad of wooden rails or of wooden rails capped with metal treads.

  2. British. tramline.

  1. Mining. a track, usually elevated, or roadway for mine haulage.

  2. Also called aerial tramway, aerial railway, cable tramway, ropeway . a system for hauling passengers and freight in vehicles suspended from a cable or cables supported by a series of towers, hangers, or the like: used over canyons, between mountain peaks, etc.

Origin of tramway

First recorded in 1815–25; tram1 + way1

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How to use tramway in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for tramway


/ (ˈtræmˌweɪ) /

  1. another name for tramline (def. 1)

  2. British

    • a public transportation system using trams

    • the company owning or running such a system

  1. Also called (esp US): tramroad a small or temporary railway for moving freight along tracks, as in a quarry

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