[ trans, tranz, trans-pluhs, tranz-pluhs ]
/ træns, trænz, ˈtrænsˈplʌs, ˈtrænzˈplʌs /
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of or relating to people with gender expressions outside traditional norms, as transgender, genderqueer, agender, or nonbinary: an inclusive trans+ support group.
Usually Offensive. a person with a gender identity outside traditional gender norms.
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Also trans*+ .
See also trans*.

Origin of trans+

First recorded in 2000–05; by shortening of transgender

historical usage of trans+

The overarching label trans+ is a newer word meant to encompass all of the specific gender identities that are not cisgender, and may also describe the larger community, including allies, whether or not they are themselves trans.
In most cases, trans without any symbols can be used to describe a range of gender identities including transgender, genderqueer, gender-fluid, etc. The additional symbols of the wildcard asterisk and the plus sign are intended to broaden the label to include genderless or agender people, and others in the noncisgender community.
Some people and groups prefer one spelling or the other. The language of the trans+ community is evolving. The word trans and the forms trans+ , trans* , and trans+* should all be understood as inclusive of many distinct gender identities, and the variation with symbols at the end of the word is one way some speakers and writers make explicit the extension of the umbrella term to cover the diverse ways people may not conform to traditional gender identities.

usage note for trans+

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