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(trī-mĕth′ə-lə-mēn, -lămēn, -mə-thĭlə-mēn′)
  1. A degradation product of nitrogenous plant and animal substances.
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Historical Examples

  • On boiling with water, it decomposes into glycol and trimethylamine.

    Poisons: Their Effects and Detection

    Alexander Wynter Blyth

  • When distilled with a fixed alkali, it yields di- and trimethylamine.

  • Distilled with potash, trimethylamine and other bases are formed.

  • At 22 it forms a fluorescing pigment and trimethylamine, but not at 35.

  • Trimethylamine, , a liquid, results when three hydrogens are similarly replaced.

    The Fundamentals of Bacteriology

    Charles Bradfield Morrey