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  1. expressed or computed in troy weight.

Origin of troy

1350–1400; Middle English troye, after Troyes, France, where it was standard

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[ troi ]

  1. Latin Ilium. Greek Ilion. an ancient ruined city in northwestern Asia Minor: the seventh of nine settlements on the site is commonly identified as the Troy of the Iliad.

  2. a city in southeastern Michigan, near Detroit.

  1. a city in eastern New York, on the Hudson River.

  2. a city in western Ohio.

  3. a city in southern Alabama.

  4. a male given name.

Origin of Troy

From Latin Trōia, name of the city and the surrounding country, from Greek Troía, said to be named after Trōs, mythical founder of the city; related to Hittite Taruwisa, Truisa, Truwisa Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

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/ (trɔɪ) /

  1. any of nine ancient cities in NW Asia Minor, each of which was built on the ruins of its predecessor. The seventh was the site of the Trojan War (mid-13th century bc): Greek name: Ilion Latin name: Ilium Related adjective: Trojan

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The ancient city inhabited by the Trojans; the site of the legendary Trojan War (see also Trojan War) of classical mythology. The ruins of Troy were found in the nineteenth century in the western part of what is now Turkey.

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