[ zahr, tsahr ]
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  1. a variant of czar.

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How to use tsar in a sentence

  • Nothing was permitted to move either in or out of the sacred city of the Tsars without official permission.

    The Life of George Borrow | Herbert Jenkins
  • On two occasions the Russian Tsars actually saved the Hohenzollern from complete destruction.

  • The Empire of the Tsars has provided collectors with a few stamps of philanthropic interest in connection with its wars.

    The Postage Stamp in War | Fred. J. Melville
  • It is a mere matter of time till Persia is the Tsars territory, and then they may begin to think about invasion.

    The Half-Hearted | John Buchan
  • The autocracy of the Tsars was a natural product from an early form of human society.

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/ (zɑː, tsɑː) /

  1. (until 1917) the emperor of Russia

  2. a tyrant; autocrat

  1. informal a public official charged with responsibility for dealing with a certain problem or issue: a drugs tsar

  2. informal a person in authority; leader

  3. (formerly) any of several S Slavonic rulers, such as any of the princes of Serbia in the 14th century

Origin of tsar

from Russian tsar, via Gothic kaisar from Latin Caesar
  • Also (less commonly): tzar

Derived forms of tsar

  • tsardom or czardom, noun

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