1. Trust Territories (approved especially for use with zip code).

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How to use TT in a sentence

  • Beyond the point of confluence the country becomes opener, freer, and healthier, and we arrive at the Portuguese town of TT.

    The Desert World | Arthur Mangin
  • Telzey got the impression that TT was inviting her to go through the door, and, for some reason, the thought frightened her.

    Novice | James H. Schmitz
  • Next, a pair of camouflaged lids drew back from TT's round, brilliant-green eyes.

    Novice | James H. Schmitz
  • A pause as the circle of speakers stopped to consider whatever TT had thrown into the debate.

    Novice | James H. Schmitz
  • Assuming this was real, it seemed clear that the game of symbols she'd made up between herself and TT had provided the opening.

    Novice | James H. Schmitz

British Dictionary definitions for tt (1 of 2)


the internet domain name for
  1. Trinidad and Tobago

British Dictionary definitions for TT (2 of 2)


abbreviation for
  1. teetotal

  2. teetotaller

  1. telegraphic transfer: a method of sending money abroad by cabled transfer between banks

  2. Tourist Trophy (annual motorcycle races held in the Isle of Man)

  3. tuberculin-tested

abbreviation for
  1. Trinidad and Tobago (international car registration)

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