tungstic acid

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noun Chemistry.

a hydrate of tungsten trioxide, H2WO4⋅H2O, used in the manufacture of tungsten-lamp filaments.
any of a group of acids derived from tungsten by the addition of acid to a soluble tungstate or to a mixture of a tungstate and a silicate, phosphate, etc.



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Origin of tungstic acid

First recorded in 1790–1800
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British Dictionary definitions for tungstic acid

tungstic acid


any of various oxyacids of tungsten obtained by neutralizing alkaline solutions of tungstates. They are often polymeric substances, typical examples being H 2 WO 4 (orthotungstic acid), H 2 W 4 O 13 (metatungstic acid), and H 10 W 12 O 14 (paratungstic acid)
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