[turn-awf, -of]


a small road that branches off from a larger one, especially a ramp or exit leading off a major highway: He took the wrong turnoff and it took him some 15 minutes to get back on the turnpike.
a place at which one diverges from or changes a former course.
an act of turning off.
the finished product of a certain manufacturing process, as weaving.
the quantity of fattened livestock distributed to market.
Slang. something or someone that makes one unsympathetic or antagonistic.

Origin of turnoff

First recorded in 1680–90; noun use of verb phrase turn off
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Historical Examples of turnoff

  • He met the captain at the corner of the "Turnoff" one day late in August.

    Keziah Coffin

    Joseph C. Lincoln

  • Rick swung into the Seaford turnoff and slowed for the main street.

    Smugglers' Reef

    John Blaine

  • Rick braked to a stop as the highway met the turnoff to Easton.

    The Flying Stingaree

    Harold Leland Goodwin

  • They reached the pumice works without seeing the geologist's lights again, and Rick stopped at the turnoff.

    The Flaming Mountain

    Harold Leland Goodwin

  • A few miles before the town of Lathrop Wells, Scotty spotted their turnoff.

    The Scarlet Lake Mystery

    Harold Leland Goodwin