[turn-awf, -of]
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  1. a small road that branches off from a larger one, especially a ramp or exit leading off a major highway: He took the wrong turnoff and it took him some 15 minutes to get back on the turnpike.
  2. a place at which one diverges from or changes a former course.
  3. an act of turning off.
  4. the finished product of a certain manufacturing process, as weaving.
  5. the quantity of fattened livestock distributed to market.
  6. Slang. something or someone that makes one unsympathetic or antagonistic.

Origin of turnoff

First recorded in 1680–90; noun use of verb phrase turn off
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Historical Examples of turnoff

  • He met the captain at the corner of the "Turnoff" one day late in August.

    Keziah Coffin

    Joseph C. Lincoln

  • Rick swung into the Seaford turnoff and slowed for the main street.

    Smugglers' Reef

    John Blaine

  • Rick braked to a stop as the highway met the turnoff to Easton.

    The Flying Stingaree

    Harold Leland Goodwin

  • They reached the pumice works without seeing the geologist's lights again, and Rick stopped at the turnoff.

    The Flaming Mountain

    Harold Leland Goodwin

  • A few miles before the town of Lathrop Wells, Scotty spotted their turnoff.

    The Scarlet Lake Mystery

    Harold Leland Goodwin