[ turn-awf, -of ]
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  1. a small road that branches off from a larger one, especially a ramp or exit leading off a major highway: He took the wrong turnoff and it took him some 15 minutes to get back on the turnpike.

  2. a place at which one diverges from or changes a former course.

  1. an act of turning off.

  2. the finished product of a certain manufacturing process, as weaving.

  3. the quantity of fattened livestock distributed to market.

  4. Slang. something or someone that makes one unsympathetic or antagonistic.

Origin of turnoff

First recorded in 1680–90; noun use of verb phrase turn off

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British Dictionary definitions for turn off

turn off

  1. to leave (a road, pathway, etc)

  2. (of a road, pathway, etc) to deviate from (another road, etc)

  1. (tr, adverb) to cause (something) to cease operating by turning a knob, pushing a button, etc: to turn off the radio

  2. (tr) informal to cause (a person, etc) to feel dislike or distaste for (something): this music turns me off

  3. (tr, adverb) British informal to dismiss from employment

  1. a road or other way branching off from the main thoroughfare

  2. informal a person or thing that elicits dislike or distaste

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Stop the operation, activity, or flow of; shut off, as in Turn off the lights when you leave. [Mid-1800s]

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