[ toot-ahng-kah-muh n ]
/ ˌtut ɑŋˈkɑ mən /


14th century b.c., a king of Egypt of the 18th dynasty.
Also Tut·ankh·a·mon, Tut·ankh·a·mun, Tut·enkh·a·mon [toot-eng-kah-muh n] /ˌtut ɛŋˈkɑ mən/.
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Tutankhamun (ˌtuːtənkɑːˈmuːn)

/ (ˌtuːtənˈkɑːmɛn, -mən) /


king (1361–1352 bc) of the 18th dynasty of Egypt. His tomb near Luxor, discovered in 1922, contained many material objects
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[ (tooht-ahng-kah-muhn) ]

A pharaoh, or king of Egypt (see also Egypt), who lived about 1400 b.c. His reign was relatively unimportant, but the discovery of his unplundered tomb in the 1920s is numbered among the great archaeological discoveries of all time.


Tutankhamen is popularly known as King Tut.
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