1. under deed.

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How to use U/D in a sentence

  • The idea expressed in English by the sentence I came to give it to her is rendered in Chinook by i-n-i-a-l-u-d-am.

    Language | Edward Sapir
  • Waal, I'd be'n in the car a few minnits, when I got all-fired sleepy, 'n' ter save me gizzard I c'u'dn't keep me eyes open.

    Tramping with Tramps | Josiah Flynt
  • Waal, the train had come, 'n' I looked it over to find a blind baggage, but I c'u'dn't.

    Tramping with Tramps | Josiah Flynt
  • I c'u'dn't say nothin', so I jes made a big noise in me throat to let 'er know I wuz there.

    Tramping with Tramps | Josiah Flynt
  • C'u'dn't ye jist slip over to my place an' spell the auld mon off a bit.

    Connie Morgan in Alaska | James B. Hendryx