[ uht, oot ]

  1. the syllable once generally used for the first tone or keynote of a scale and sometimes for the tone C: now commonly superseded by do.

Origin of ut

Middle English word dating back to 1275–1325; see origin at gamut

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  1. Also u.t. universal time.

  2. Utah (approved especially for use with zip code).

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  1. Utah.

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  1. under trust.

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How to use ut in a sentence

  • What a consoling word those four little letters, "d-u-t-y," sometimes spell!

    In Hostile Red | Joseph Altsheler
  • "C-a-o-u-t-c-h—c-h—can't spell it," said the little man next below Charlie.

    Charlie Newcomer | Wilbur B. Stover
  • I'd like to have you run your eye over that, and then tell me where in thunder you learned to spell such s-u-t-c-h!

    Torchy | Sewell Ford
  • With the whistle he spelled out in the Morse code "T-r-e-e-d b-y a b-u-c-k w-a-t-c-h o-u-t."

  • U-t-ku-terh-ks: An evil spirit, from whom all witches received their power.

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/ (ʌt, uːt) /

  1. the syllable used in the fixed system of solmization for the note C

  2. the first note of a hexachord in medieval music

Origin of ut

C14: from Latin ut; see gamut

British Dictionary definitions for UT (2 of 2)


abbreviation for
  1. universal time

  2. Utah

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