/ (uːmuː) /

nounplural umu
  1. NZ another name for hangi (def. 1)

Origin of umu


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How to use umu in a sentence

  • We have met the value dumu or its dialectic equivalent umu, represented by U and MU (see on line 5).

    Sumerian Hymns | Frederick Augustus Vanderburgh
  • I must tell you that I have seen and gone through the fire ceremony of the umu-ti.

    Magic and Religion | Andrew Lang
  • Harry therefore gave the word to umu, who in turn uttered a few sharp orders to the men, whereupon the ranks closed up.

    Harry Escombe | Harry Collingwood
  • “So much the worse for you,” growled umu savagely, for the delay was beginning to tell upon his patience.

    Harry Escombe | Harry Collingwood
  • “If he has, every tenth man of your bodyguard shall lose his hands and feet,” snarled umu savagely.

    Harry Escombe | Harry Collingwood