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[man-i-kyoo r]
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  1. a cosmetic treatment of the hands and fingernails, including trimming and polishing of the nails and removing cuticles.
  2. a manicurist.
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verb (used with object), man·i·cured, man·i·cur·ing.
  1. to take care of (the hands and fingernails); apply manicure treatment to.
  2. to trim or cut meticulously: to manicure a lawn.
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verb (used without object), man·i·cured, man·i·cur·ing.
  1. to give a manicure.
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Origin of manicure

1875–80; < French < Latin mani- (combining form of manus hand) + cūra care
Related formsun·man·i·cured, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for un-manicured


  1. care of the hands and fingernails, involving shaping the nails, removing cuticles, etc
  2. another word for manicurist
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  1. to care for (the hands and fingernails) in this way
  2. (tr) to trim neatly
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Word Origin

C19: from French, from Latin manus hand + cūra care
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Word Origin and History for un-manicured



1889, from manicure (n.). Related: Manicured; manicuring.

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1873, "one who professionally treats hands and fingernails," from French manicure, literally "the care of the hands," from Latin manus "hand" (see manual) + cura "care" (see cure). Meaning "treatment and care of the hands and fingernails" is attested from 1887.

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