[ hahr-vist ]
/ ˈhɑr vɪst /


verb (used with object)

verb (used without object)

to gather a crop; reap.

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Origin of harvest

before 950; Middle English; Old English hærfest; cognate with German Herbst “autumn”; akin to harrow1

Related forms
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/ (ˈhɑːvɪst) /


the gathering of a ripened crop
the crop itself or the yield from it in a single growing season
the season for gathering crops
the product of an effort, action, etca harvest of love


Derived Formsharvesting, nounharvestless, adjective

Word Origin for harvest

Old English hærfest; related to Old Norse harfr harrow, Old High German herbist autumn, Latin carpere to pluck, Greek karpos fruit, Sanskrit krpāna shears

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