/ (ʌnˈhɛlm) /

  1. to remove the helmet of (oneself or another)

Origin of unhelm

C15: from un- ² + helm ²

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How to use unhelm in a sentence

  • Any combatant might unhelm himself, and until his helmet was replaced, none could assail him.

  • Morgain le Fay is there, bids L. unhelm, 'in the name of her whom he loves best.'

  • Then the servant cut short my thoughts, and led us to the bishop, bidding me unhelm first.

    A Thane of Wessex | Charles W. Whistler
  • But for the sake of what had been I was fain to unhelm for a moment as we stepped past them.

    A Prince of Cornwall | Charles W. Whistler
  • He descended into the lists, and commanded them to unhelm the conquered champion.

    Ivanhoe | Walter Scott