vanity bag

case or box

  1. a woman's small bag or hand case used to carry cosmetics, etc

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How to use vanity bag in a sentence

  • "Perhaps," replied the girl as she took it and placed it carefully in the black silk vanity-bag she was carrying.

    The Minister of Evil | William Le Queux
  • She pulled herself up and seized the pretty beaded vanity bag lying ready to her hand.

    The Man in the Twilight | Ridgwell Cullum
  • She dives into her vanity bag and proceeds to retouch the scenic effects on her face.

    Torchy, Private Sec. | Sewell Ford
  • Hilliard paused dramatically, like a conjurer who has just drawn a rabbit from a lady's vanity bag.

    The Pit Prop Syndicate | Freeman Wills Crofts
  • She would have given a million dollars for a kimono and a vanity bag.

    Good References | E. J. Rath