or vi·cu·ña

[ vahy-koo-nuh, -kyoo-, vi-, vi-koo-nyuh ]

  1. a wild South American ruminant, Vicugna vicugna, of the Andes, related to the guanaco but smaller, and yielding a soft, delicate wool: an endangered species, now increasing in numbers.

  2. a fabric of this wool or of some substitute, usually twilled and finished with a soft nap.

  1. a garment, especially an overcoat, of vicuna.

Origin of vicuna

1585–95; <Spanish vicuña<Quechua wik’uña

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British Dictionary definitions for vicuña


vicuna (vɪˈkjuːnə)

/ (vɪˈkuːnjə) /

  1. a tawny-coloured cud-chewing Andean artiodactyl mammal, Vicugna vicugna, similar to the llama: family Camelidae

  2. the fine light cloth made from the wool obtained from this animal

Origin of vicuña

C17: from Spanish vicuña, from Quechuan wikúña

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