[ vid-yah ]

nounHinduism, Buddhism.
  1. transcendental knowledge leading toward Brahman.

Origin of vidya

From the Sanskrit word vidyā knowledge

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How to use vidya in a sentence

  • You will simply lose the right to deny Yoga-vidya, the great ancient science of my country.

    From the Caves and Jungles of Hindostan | Helena Pretrovna Blavatsky
  • If any one says that widow-marriage is contrary to religion, I will give him vidya Sagar's essay to read.

    The Poison Tree | Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
  • They told him that he was a fellow who had read his Chauriya vidya to more purpose then his ritual.

    Vikram and the Vampire | Richard F. Burton
  • All classes of people at vidya-pur, on meeting with the Master, quitted their own faiths and turned Vaishnav.

    Chaitanya's Life And Teachings | Krishna das Kaviraja
  • The word Veda signifies to-know; the latter from vidya meaning wise.

    Woman, Church & State | Matilda Joslyn Gage