[ wo-loon ]
/ wɒˈlun /


one of a people inhabiting chiefly the southern and southeastern parts of Belgium and adjacent regions in France.
the French dialect spoken by the Walloons.


of or relating to the Walloons or their language.

Origin of Walloon

< French Wallon, equivalent to wall- (≪ Germanic *walh- foreign; see walnut) + -on noun suffix

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/ (wɒˈluːn) /


a member of a French-speaking people living chiefly in S Belgium and adjacent parts of FranceCompare Fleming 1
the French dialect of Belgium


of, relating to, or characteristic of the Walloons or their dialect

Word Origin for Walloon

C16: from Old French Wallon, from Medieval Latin: foreigner, of Germanic origin; compare Old English wealh foreign, Welsh 1

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Word Origin and History for walloon


1520s, from Middle French Wallon, literally "foreigner," of Germanic origin (cf. Old High German walh "foreigner"). The people are of Gaulish origin and speak a French dialect. The name is a form of the common appellation of Germanic peoples to Romanic-speaking neighbors. See Vlach; also cf. Welsh.

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