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see Warfarin.

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warehouser, warehousing, wareroom, wares, warez, warf, warfare, warfarin, warfarin sodium, warfield, warhead
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Examples from the Web for warf

  • Of a sudden I saw a tiny bit o' a 'warf—no longer than the thumb o' Mary—God love her!

    The Light in the Clearing|Irving Bacheller
  • Such stuff, when of great thickness and value—so thick that six threads of silk or hemp were in the warf—was called ‘samite.’

    English Costume|Dion Clayton Calthrop
  • While we were passing Carvey's Wharf, our attention was called to a large school of mackerel playing by the side of the warf.

    Wilford Woodruff|Matthias F. Cowley