[ wee-zuh l ]
/ ˈwi zəl /

noun, plural wea·sels, (especially collectively) wea·sel.

verb (used without object)

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Origin of weasel

before 900; 1920–25 for def 6; Middle English wesele, Old English wesle, weosule; cognate with Old High German wisula, German Wiesel

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/ (ˈwiːzəl) /

noun plural -sels or -sel

any of various small predatory musteline mammals of the genus Mustela and related genera, esp M. nivalis (European weasel), having reddish-brown fur, an elongated body and neck, and short legs
informal a sly or treacherous person
mainly US a motor vehicle for use in snow, esp one with caterpillar tracks
Derived Formsweaselly, adjective

Word Origin for weasel

Old English weosule, wesle; related to Old Norse visla, Old High German wisula, Middle Dutch wesel

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