or wee·ny, wie·nie



Informal. a wiener.
Slang. penis.
Slang. an insignificant, disliked person.

Origin of weenie

wien(er) + -ie; (def 3) probably influenced by or continuous with weeny small child, noun use of weeny tiny (see wee, teeny-weeny)



noun, plural wee·nies.

adjective, wee·ni·er, wee·ni·est.

tiny; very small: Give me just the weeniest little piece, please.
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Historical Examples of weenies

  • We played cards and danced, and roasted weenies and marshmallows.

    I Married a Ranger

    Dama Margaret Smith

  • Then, when the coals are good, we toast sandwiches and roast ‘weenies’ and toast marshmallows.

    Mary Jane's City Home

    Clara Ingram Judson

British Dictionary definitions for weenies


weensy (ˈwiːnzɪ)

adjective -nier, -niest, -sier or -siest

informal very small; tiny

Word Origin for weeny

C18: from wee 1 with the ending -ny as in tiny
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Word Origin and History for weenies



"frankfurter," 1906, with slang sense of "penis" following soon after, from German wienerwurst "Vienna sausage" (see wiener). Meaning "ineffectual person" is 1963; pejorative sense via penis shape, or perhaps from weenie in the sense of "small" (see wee).

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