[ hwair-uh-bouts, wair- ]
/ ˈʰwɛər əˌbaʊts, ˈwɛər- /


about where? where?


near or in what place: trying to find whereabouts in the world we were.


(used with a singular or plural verb) the place where a person or thing is; the locality of a person or thing: no clue as to his whereabouts.

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Origin of whereabouts

1400–50; late Middle English wheraboutes, equivalent to Middle English wheraboute (see whereabout) + -s -s1

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/ (ˈwɛərəˌbaʊts) /


Also: whereabout at what approximate location or place; wherewhereabouts are you?
obsolete about or concerning which


(functioning as singular or plural) the place, esp the approximate place, where a person or thing is
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Word Origin and History for whereabouts



"in what place," mid-15c., from whereabout + adverbial genitive -s. The noun is recorded from 1795.

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