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[hwin, win]
noun Chiefly British.
  1. any thorny or prickly shrub, especially gorse.
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Origin of whin

1375–1425; late Middle English whynne, apparently < Scandinavian; compare Icelandic hvīngras bent grass, Danish hvene, Swedish (h)ven
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Examples from the Web for whin

Historical Examples of whin

  • Whin we get the bill every man can take a shpade, an', begorra!

    Ireland as It Is

    Robert John Buckley (AKA R.J.B.)

  • And whin I asked him what he was about, he thried to git away.

  • He wouldna be touchit; not whin he was clem would he be tempted awa'.

  • I will, in a minit, your honor, whin I jist spake a word to my comrades here.

  • Oi did thot, but whin we returned to th' hut pwhere he was it's up an' gone he had.

British Dictionary definitions for whin


  1. another name for gorse
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Word Origin for whin

C11: from Scandinavian; compare Old Danish hvine (græs), Norwegian hvine, Swedish hven


  1. short for whinstone
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Word Origin for whin

C14: quin, of obscure origin
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