[ hawr, hohr or, often, hoor ]
/ hɔr, hoʊr or, often, hʊər /
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verb (used without object), whored, whor·ing.

verb (used with object), whored, whor·ing.

to put to a base or unworthy use (sometimes followed by out): He’s whoring out his skills by writing for popular magazines.
Obsolete. to make a whore of; corrupt; debauch.



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Origin of whore

First recorded before 1100; Middle English, Old English hōre; cognate with German Hure, Old Norse hōra; akin to Gothic hors “harlot,” Latin cārus “beloved; expensive”
As far as etymology goes, whore is unblemished: It’s from Old English hōre, from the Germanic root hō-, extended with a suffixed -r, thus hōr-.
The Germanic root is a regular development of the Proto-Indo-European root kā- “to like, desire” (extended with the same suffixed -r ). Kār- appears in Latin in cārus “dear, beloved, expensive,” and in the noun cāritās “love, affection, high price” (and through Old French, in charity meaning “Christian love”). Kār- appears in the Celtic languages as cara in Irish, and car in Welsh and Breton, all meaning “friend.” In Slavic (Polish), we find kurva.
The unetymological spelling, with initial w- (as also occurs in whole ), became common about 1600.
Nell Gwyn (1650-87), one of King Charles II’s numerous mistresses, made the best comeback ever recorded: When she was surrounded in her coach by a Protestant mob who thought she was Louise de Kérouaille, Duchess of Portsmouth (1649–1734), a Catholic woman and another of King Charles’s mistresses, Nell leaned out of her coach and shouted down the mob with “Pray good people be civil, I am the King’s Protestant whore.”

Definition for whore (2 of 2)

[ hoo-er ]
/ ˈhu ər /

contraction of who are:Who're the people at the next table?
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British Dictionary definitions for whore

/ (hɔː) /


a prostitute or promiscuous woman: often a term of abuse

verb (intr)

to be or act as a prostitute
(of a man) to have promiscuous sexual relations, esp with prostitutes
(often foll by after) to seek that which is immoral, idolatrous, etc
whorish, adjectivewhorishly, adverbwhorishness, noun
Old English hōre; related to Old Norse hōra, Old High German hvora, Latin carus dear
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