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verb (used without object),writhed, writh·ing.
  1. to twist the body about or squirm, as in pain, violent effort, uncontrolled passion, etc.

  2. to shrink mentally, as in acute discomfort.

verb (used with object),writhed, writh·ing.
  1. to twist or bend out of shape or position; distort; contort.

  2. to twist (oneself, the body, etc.) about, as in pain.

  1. a writhing movement; a twisting of the body, as in pain.

Origin of writhe

First recorded before 900; Middle English writhen (verb), Old English wrīthan “to twist, wind”; cognate with Old Norse rītha “to knit, twist”; akin to wreath, wry

Other words for writhe

Other words from writhe

  • writh·er, noun

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How to use writhe in a sentence

  • My hand rests upon a cool, moist creature that writhes under it,—an animated spinal column with four legs at one end of it.

    Summer Cruising in the South Seas | Charles Warren Stoddard

British Dictionary definitions for writhe


/ (raɪð) /

  1. to twist or squirm in or as if in pain

  2. (intr) to move with such motions

  1. (intr) to suffer acutely from embarrassment, revulsion, etc

  1. the act or an instance of writhing

Origin of writhe

Old English wrīthan; related to Old High German rīdan, Old Norse rītha. See wrath, wreath, wrist, wroth

Derived forms of writhe

  • writher, noun

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