or Wyc·lif, Wick·liffe, Wic·lif

[ wik-lif ]

  1. John, c1320–84, English theologian, religious reformer, and Biblical translator.

Other words from Wycliffe

  • Wyc·liff·ism, Wyc·lif·ism, noun

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/ (ˈwɪklɪf) /

  1. John. ?1330–84, English religious reformer. A precursor of the Reformation, whose writings were condemned as heretical, he attacked the doctrines and abuses of the Church. He instigated the first complete translation of the Bible into English. His followers were called Lollards: Also: 'Wiclif, 'Wickliffe

Derived forms of Wycliffe

  • Wycliffism or Wyclifism, noun

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