or wi·vern


noun Heraldry.

a two-legged winged dragon having the hinder part of a serpent with a barbed tail.


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Origin of wyvern

1600–10; alteration (with unexplained -n) of earlier wyver, Middle English < Anglo-French wivre (Old French guivre) < Latin vīpera viper

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British Dictionary definitions for wyvern


less commonly wivern


a heraldic beast having a serpent's tail and a dragon's head and a body with wings and two legs

Word Origin for wyvern

C17: variant of earlier wyver, from Old French, from Latin vīpera viper

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Word Origin and History for wyvern



c.1600, formed (with excrescent -n) from Middle English wyver (c.1300), from Anglo-French wivre, from Old North French form of Old French guivre "snake," from Latin vipera "viper" (see viper). In heraldry, a winged dragon with eagle's feet and a serpent's barbed tail.

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