[zen-uh-jen-uh-sis, zee-nuh-]
Also xe·nog·e·ny [zuh-noj-uh-nee] /zəˈnɒdʒ ə ni/.

Origin of xenogenesis

First recorded in 1865–70; xeno- + -genesis
Related formsxen·o·ge·net·ic [zen-uh-juh-net-ik, zee-nuh-] /ˌzɛn ə dʒəˈnɛt ɪk, ˌzi nə-/, xen·o·gen·ic, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for xenogeny


  1. the supposed production of offspring completely unlike either parent
  2. another name for abiogenesis, alternation of generations
Derived Formsxenogenetic (ˌzɛnəʊdʒɪˈnɛtɪk) or xenogenic, adjective
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xenogeny in Medicine


[zĕn′ə-jĕnĭ-sĭs, zē′nə-]
  1. The supposed production of offspring that are markedly different from either parent.
  2. alternation of generations
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