[ yon-der ]
/ ˈyɒn dər /


being in that place or over there; being that or those over there: That road yonder is the one to take.
being the more distant or farther: yonder side.


at, in, or to that place specified or more or less distant; over there.

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Origin of yonder

1250–1300; Middle English yonder, yender, equivalent to yond + -er as in hither, thither, etc.; akin to Dutch ginder, Gothic jaindre


[ yond ]
/ yɒnd /

adverb, adjective Archaic.

Origin of yond

before 900; Middle English; Old English geond; akin to Dutch ginds, Gothic jaind. See yon

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/ (ˈjɒndə) /


at, in, or to that relatively distant place; over there


being at a distance, either within view or as if within viewyonder valleys

Word Origin for yonder

C13: from Old English geond yond; related to Old Saxon jendra, Old High German jenēr, Gothic jaind

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