[ hith-er ]
/ ˈhɪð ər /


to or toward this place: to come hither.


being on this or the closer side; nearer: the hither side of the meadow.


    hither and thither, in various quarters; here and there: They scurried hither and thither to escape the rain.
    hither and yon, from here to over there, especially to a farther place; in or to a great many places: He looked hither and yon for the coin. She went hither and yon in search of an answer.

Origin of hither

before 900; Middle English, Old English hider; cognate with Old Norse hethra, Latin citer on this side

Can be confused

hence hither thence thither whence whither yon (see usage note at whence)
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British Dictionary definitions for hither


/ (ˈhɪðə) /


to or towards this place (esp in the phrase come hither)Also (archaic): hitherward, hitherwards
hither and thither this way and that, as in a state of confusion


archaic, or dialect (of a side or part, esp of a hill or valley) nearer; closer

Word Origin for hither

Old English hider; related to Old Norse hethra here, Gothic hidrē, Latin citrā on this side, citrō
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