/ (Polish ˈzamɛnxɔf) /

  1. Lazarus Ludwig (laˈzarus ˈludvik). 1859–1917, Polish oculist; invented Esperanto

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How to use Zamenhof in a sentence

  • Esperanto fell well short of Zamenhof's goal of a universal second language, but it was not a complete failure.

    Do You Speak Klingon? | Stephen Brown | June 14, 2009 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • La Revuo (which enjoys the constant collaboration of Dr. Zamenhof).

    International Language | Walter J. Clark
  • But at the first congress Zamenhof announced that he had given up even this control, and Esperanto is now a free language.

    International Language | Walter J. Clark
  • As an example Dr. Zamenhof gives the following sentence: "Mi ne sci'as kie mi las'is la baston'o'n: Ĉu vi ĝi'n ne vid'is?"

    International Language | Walter J. Clark
  • The exercises are taken chiefly from the "Ekzercaro" of Dr. Zamenhof.

    The Esperanto Teacher | Helen Fryer