[zoh-on-uh-sis, zoh-uh-noh-sis]

noun, plural zo·on·o·ses [zoh-on-uh-seez, zoh-uh-noh-seez] /zoʊˈɒn əˌsiz, ˌzoʊ əˈnoʊ siz/.

Pathology. any disease of animals communicable to humans.

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Origin of zoonosis

1875–80; < New Latin, irregular < Greek zōio- zoo- + nósos sickness, with ending apparently conformed to -sis

Related formszo·o·not·ic [zoh-uh-not-ik] /ˌzoʊ əˈnɒt ɪk/, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for zoonosis


noun plural -ses (-siːz)

pathol any infection or disease that is transmitted to man from lower vertebrates

Word Origin for zoonosis

from zoo- + Greek nosos disease

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Word Origin and History for zoonosis



plural zoonoses, 1876, from comb. form of Greek zoion "animal" (see zoo) + nosos "disease."

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Medicine definitions for zoonosis


[zō-ŏnə-sĭs, zō′ə-nō-]

n. pl. zo•on•o•ses (-sēz′)

A disease of animals, such as rabies or psittacosis, that can be transmitted to humans.
Related formszo′o•notic (zō′ə-nŏtĭk) adj.

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