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noun, plural Ko·mis, (especially collectively) Ko·mi for 1.
  1. a member of a Uralic people of northeastern European Russia.
  2. the Permic language of the Komi.
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Also Zyryan, Zyryenian.

Origin of Komi

< Russian kómi (not declined) < Komi


[zeer-yuh n, -yahn]
noun, plural Zyr·yans, (especially collectively) Zyr·yan.
  1. Komi.
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Also Zyr·yen·i·an [zeer-yen-ee-uh n] /zɪərˈyɛn i ən/.

Origin of Zyryan

1885–90; < Russian zyryánin (plural zyryáne), Old Russian syryanin, seryanin, perhaps akin to Mansi saran a Komi
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  1. plural Komi or Komis a member of a Finno-Ugric people living chiefly in the Komi Republic, in the NW Urals
  2. the Finno-Ugric language of this people; Zyrian
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